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gesang der junglinge

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April 28th, 2005

02:01 pm - lawrence
i'm back at lawrence, and i feel like i should write in my lawrence-blog. but, i'm worried i'm over-saturated with social networks: friendster, facebook, blogger, AND livejournal? oh my gosh.

so this isn't totally useless, here's a link to (yet another) blog written by someone who studies blogs (well, okay computer or technology-based social networks): http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/
Current Music: murmers in the mudd

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July 8th, 2004

12:51 am
"It occurs to me that I don't like wrestling for the same reasons I never warmed to Broadway musicals. It's not just fake, it's histrionically fake." - Michael Daddino

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